Saturday, September 22, 2012


Mr. Williams, I enjoy watching you do actual news, and you have good on-camera feel. Please don't disrespect yourself, and knowing teaching professionals by being a patsy for that panel that appears to be loaded with public school attackers with little in terms of experience, balance, facts, or purity in their motives (unless I have it wrong)

"4 the record:despite repeated requests @ednation refused to put community based parents on panels opting instead 4 michelle rhee/joel klein" On twitter

Why do you think that is, Mr. Williams?  I am not a real tech kind of guy, but twitter is on fire with people who know teaching way better than Rhee or Klein, and it appears this is a promo, not a Town Hall.

Here are MY inquires:

My question, sent via FB message. I hope it  gets asked. I did get a response, so I know it was received.

For the town hall (I'm sorry I can't make it, but I will watch): When will "reform" progress start to direct our public schools toward domestic and foreign models often used to cast critical light-models that rely less on lobbyist and for-profit testing intrusion and more on a social support of students and educators?

After hearing who the panelists might be, I sent this:

Is this REALLY your panel? Rep. George Miller, Randi Weingarten, Doreen Diaz-Desert Trails
Parent Union (parent trigger takeover school in California), Michelle Rhee, Joel Klein,  Vanessa Bush Ford, (Black Star Project/The National PTA)?

 Is it wise or honest to load a Town Hall for teachers panel with people who are actively trying to undermine public schools and public school teachers (a short-term teacher to
cheater-chancellor to inexplicable reform wonder-woman; a private school to policy to lackey for foreign smut journalism kingpin; politicians and well funded astro-turf activists...)?

I guess you can put that to the panel too, if those are truly the folks on it and if you would like.

Also, is there a chance Brian Williams would host or moderate a forum with panelists critical of the reform movement/industry?

Thank you for your attention.

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