Monday, September 24, 2012

My Questions for Education Nation

     I am probably being naive. Or, at least, I was being naive. When I heard about Ed Nation's Town Hall I imagined something different than what it turned out to be. I imagined actual teachers finally having a forum to explain what our students and our schools really need. I submitted a question on Ed Nation's facebook page, never believing that it might be addressed-but hoping. Maybe the "man behind the curtain" of reform would be revealed-if only for a moment. Maybe this forum would reveal the silliness of being compared to countries that either don't push each and every student on to high school, don't test students into the ground, or DO provide the respect and pay commensurate for dedicated educators. I planned to get all set up with some papers to grade and some planning to do (yes, working on a Sunday. I suppose that makes me one of those godless teachers). Then I found out my DISH TV package doesn't include MSNBC. WHAT???

Well, I was disappointed, but we had a painting, mowing, cleaning list, so I figured I would "catch up".

I am almost caught up. I haven't seen a taping or a transcript, but I have heard about it and I find myself, once again, aggravated in a "Rhee does CNN and CNN does me" kind of way. Here are the questions I have sent  to Ed Nation. If you can answer any of them, please chime in.

1)  Is it true that suggestions for actual public school parents on the panel were  rejected?

2)  Why would you load a panel for education discussion with people so obviously united in undermining public education and dedicated, professional educators?

3)  What connections,if any, does Education Nation have with the "reform" industry (Rhee, Klein, TFA, Students First, Wireless Generation...)

4)  Is their fear of teaching professionals able to utilize and impart true critical thinking skills the reason  their involvement is avoided whenever possible? 

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