Saturday, October 20, 2012

NEA...Hello? What exactly do you do?


I am a little disappointed in the unconditional union support of President Obama. I understand  that the most visible alternative is entirely disconnected and uninterested in the "middle out" approach that Mr. Obama preaches. I know that if Mr. Romney finds his way to the oval office, the "Bain-ification" of many public entities and resources is likely to begin. I know that a vote for an "outsider" is likely to be a net loss for Obama. But from the Obama quote on the cover of the Fall 2012 issue: " child should have her dreams deferred because of a crowded classroom or a crumbling school." one gets a stark contrast between what the President says, and what he has done. Continuing the misguided policies of RTTT and NCLB has fostered a public school environment like the one he denounces. Dangling funds out of reach and investing instead in reactive test and punish policies has empowered and enriched those far removed from the classrooms and lives of students, at the expense of the students and those most involved. When pressed, the current administration does little more than pay lip-service to public education and give themselves a little deserved pat on the back for the very policies that have helped usher in the current turmoil in public education.

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