Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My email to NY Post Writer, Kriss

     A New York Post article about Educators for Excellence, Independent teachers group demands Albany eval plan (Erik Kriss) dropped the journalism ball, in my opinion, when it comes to the education reform/teacher evaluation issue. 

     The title, to begin with, made it seem as if teachers ("independent" because they aren't mindless followers of most?) are eager to agree to job security based on an ever-changing, questionable quality/validity, and profit-driven agenda. Giving into policy-maker blackmail (giving up rights and giving in to bad policy) to get funding scraps-much of which could be diverted into the reform machine, anyway, is portrayed as a sensible move being resisted by stubborn unionized educators.

     Are the "independent teachers" "independent" because they are not full-time, public school teachers dedicated to a career of enabling children-but instead well funded political activist/lobbyist/reform strategist types? This one goes barely examined, with a passing suggestion regarding Bill Gates funding, but for more info on Educators for Excellence, go here.

     The information on E4E at that link is two tears old, and readily available. I don't think where NY Post stands in the education reform debate is a mystery, though. And if you are even bothering to read this, you understand what I'm saying. Still, I thought I should send an email to this writer, and I'll share it with you.


That is the address, if you care to send a message.

     While E4E is described in your article as some independent group of teachers anxious for a corporate driven measure of teacher worth in the public school teaching profession, I'm not sure a nod towards some Gates funding passes as due diligence. E4E "independent teachers" will likely not be subject to, or impacted by these attacks cloaked in the "reform" label. Do you need more information on E4E, or on what real teachers in real public schools (unable to filter away more needy learners with less involved parents) have to do? I can either give you, or direct you towards people with no access to millions in PR funds but plenty of everyday experience.

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