Saturday, April 20, 2013

Any advice, any response.

First, let me say "thank you" to anyone who reads, and anyone who responds. I want to find a way to make comments show under the post without having to click and open-but I haven't yet. I'm barely tech-savvy enough, I guess. After I go work up a garden spot, "clear some brush" as some pretend cowboy ex-president used to say, feed my girls, give phone support to my wife and oldest on a semi-formal dress...I'll respond to some of the great comments and fellow angry citizens and educators. But please, please...tell others. Get them to write, speak, show up...because public school people will be painted as "sour grapes" sufferers before being acknowledged by any "reformer" or policy-maker as having valid input. Collective voice and action (and I don't mean union...although I belong to one they operate with decent goals in mind but partially to sustain themselves) is needed, and it might mean making voting and consumer decisions.

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