Saturday, April 27, 2013

The recent Steve Perry post reminded me...

  1. Earlier in the month I made a comment in response to an inane and arrogant (in other words, completely in character) tweet from Steve Perry (not the guy from Journey), and a shout out of support who clearly is a drinker of the kool aid. I then got caught up in one of those exchanges, where you know that the other person knows truly what's right from wrong, then you start to only think that they do...then your not even really sure. What IS absolutely true is that there is reluctance to examine the respect/pay/even fame of those who operate under different rules. Should selective-enrollment school leaders benefit from recognition and fame for apples to oranges results and obnoxious clown behavior? Should short lived and decidedly damaging impact on classrooms and schools, a dark cloud of secret backers and dishonesty, and  WORSE (mouth taping/bee eating/public firing...) be rewarded with money and status? 

    Anyways, it's clear that training has occurred here.

    Why am I still doing panels w ppl who are convinced that poverty is an impenetrable? How's that adding to my life to 'argue' w nonbelievers?

    @DrStevePerry because the world is worse when they go unchallenged. They make audiences dumber every time they speak unchecked.

    This is where I came in

    @citizenstewart @DrStevePerry Man, you R not kidding. If only there were schools we could put the easy kids in to make some public $ from.

    That prompted a response from Mr. Stewart:

    @DMaxMJ @DrStevePerry What is an "easy kid"? And, in fact, you ARE making money off our kids, right? Isn't that what you're defending?

    Interesting..."our" kids, in the collective. I am not real familiar with everything Perry says, I tend to tune out charlatans and salespeople, and especially combinations of the two...but the "our kids" I thought included MY kids...and my students. But this Perry-bot was drawing a line of some sort.


    We agree on inequity.steve prep school perry shouldn't criticize teachers of
                      inequities victims

    @DMaxMJ @DrStevePerry You're trading in stereotypes and creating a good kids vs. bad kids meme. I see how it serves you; still disgusting.

    @citizenstewart @DrStevePerry Not trading-noticing..I actually work in a no tuition school serving any local student that comes through door

    @DMaxMJ @DrStevePerry Nonsense. You defend paychecks. Attacking non-unionized schools is a predictable response to competition, & to losing

    In here is where the Tubman thing happens. I am having tech difficulty pasting into here, and expanding all the little conversations, but I hinted that that comparison might have been a little over the top.

    7 Apr
    So you define for us what a hero should be and what conditions our community should educate ourselves? And a hero looks like you?
  2. An opportunistic over-hyped prep school braggart vs me...I don't come close to Harriet Tubman-but closer than him? Dunno
  3. I will teach ANYONE who steps into my room. No uniform, contract, conditions required. No PR team or TV spots either.
  4. Good for you, but your system isn't for us, by us, or designed with us in mind. What if we prefer a path to self-determination?
  5. That's justifiable.Leaders of schools/teachers that can select students criticizing results of those that can't is not..

    There's more...I may try to dig it up. But the bottom line is clear: avoid the issue of the indefensible attack and inflate the results. Don't get me wrong, I wish Perry and Stewart success. But the most recognition seems to come in response to the attacks, not the results.

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