Saturday, September 21, 2013

Michelle Malkin just won me over!

I never cared for Michelle, until today. 

She has a sniping, eye-rolling sarcastic delivery. 

True, she is at least easier to stomach than Laura Ingraham who thinks muttering sarcasm and talking under/over over and through guests on the shows she hosts is a sign of intelligence and debate skills.

The first time I ever even saw Michelle, it was probably 10 years ago-maybe more. I had woke up in the middle of the night, and couldn't get back to sleep. I went downstairs, turned on FOX, and it was a heated debate over immigration reform. 

Some woman involved in the discussion actually described the less strict version of reform as being okay with Mexicans breaking into your home, robbing you, raping your wife and children...

I don't exactly remember exactly because I was in a state of shock. I thought it was some Westboro crazy-woman they had dug up to have as a guest for the 2AM-3AM time-slot.

I checked the channel guide/info menu...yep, FOX news alright. The crazy woman was Michelle, and I knew at that moment that FOX news was my new Jerry Springer. His show was going downhill, and I needed a new source of mindless trash.

This article describes an event I had already heard about. The page includes a video of a public forum that was actually little more than a canned promotional event, and a man being arrested for trying to actually turn it into a public forum. It seems Michelle and I might agree on this.

My coffee just got a little sweeter (and I don't use sugar for AM coffee). The sun just got a little brighter (and it's a bit cloudy/cool/rainy this Central NY morning). Michelle may still be a psycho, but she just became a psycho after my own heart.

When parent/citizens are arrested for speaking up at orchestrated PR events posing as democratic public service meetings...damn right it's time to fight. We don't want these board members breaking into our homes, robbing us, ra...oh wait, that was the Mexicans. Sorry, Michelle.

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