Saturday, November 9, 2013

Do you have something to say?

Wednesday the 13th, if all goes well, I will be going to Albany to give testimony regarding the progress of education reform at a senate hearing.The office of Senator John Flanagan , Chairman of the New York State Committee on Education, actually invited me despite my initial doubts that these were true "public" forums. I plan to speak as an elementary teacher in a tiny rural district, a proud union member (proud of the concept of unionism and convinced of the need of vocal, honest, response to smear campaigns-not so much proud of the complicity of our unions in the process of this so called reform), and a parent of brilliant girls who do not deserve to be forced into sequestration in some at-home or private schooling "choice". I would much rather, and I think they would much rather be in a position to organize their peers to fight the de-democratization of our country.

Anyways...please forward, email, comment, respond some things YOU have noticed about education reform and how it seems to be working for you, your children, others that you know. I have plenty of my own feelings on the subject, but want as much input as I can get from others as well. I am only one person, but if I get a moment to possibly bend the ears of those in position to DO something...I want to bend them good.

Data, numbers, impacts...good and bad. There is, I feel, some potential...but the pigeons are driving the bus and they are crapping on everything.

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