Saturday, January 25, 2014

What is "choice"? Who will get to choose?

     As I type, my oldest is enjoying her 15th birthday party, and there are ten teenagers in my house. The group sang around the table, they have been in the far room sing/yelling to High School Musical, playing cards and telling weird pervy jokes and cursing occasionally...She really has made a fantastic choice of friends, and they compliment her personality-great kids, every one of them. It makes me feel pretty good about the project I have in front of me: pressing NYSED for clarification on paths students should have available to them. Are our education officials as willing to support our driven, talented artists and creative thinkers of the future as they are the tech-sector servants of the future? More to the point: are they willing to protect these arts paths for students in low socioeconomic status schools where students often face limited choices for a variety of reasons to begin with?

Is the state now in the business of discriminating ala' Romney (people should get the education they can "afford")? Are are we providing "choice" to everyone?

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