Sunday, February 9, 2014

Any Input welcome

The link above takes you to a page where a summary of an issue involving NYSED and regulations is described. In preparing to enter into the appeals process regarding a recent NYSED decision. I have been made to believe that my family is not alone in wondering how NYSED could work so hard to create and enforce so many new regulations that suppress and control public education (under the guise of “college and career” readiness), but deny the mandates described in others that actually DO support student achievement. If you know anything, if you know someone, if you can help (or just want to keep up), contact me. Our governor’s lead when politically convenient-but wait ’til it is approach will leave destruction in his wake. We cannot let him have our schools, the governorship, or the WH.



  2. Two separate links to cut and paste? Thank you...checking the first-RTTT presentations both?


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