Monday, April 28, 2014

My Letter to NYT regarding space for "Success Academy"

     The April 26th New York Times included this article by Daniel Slotnik.

     Below, is the letter I sent this morning

      I am pleased that space is being found for the students in any one of Eva Moskowitz's academies. All students deserve equal access to a good public education. But I'm not sure that this is a "feel good" story, or that the treatment of public school choice has gotten the thorough examination needed. 
     The Times, in 2011, featured an article about Katherin Sprowal, a mother who was initially thrilled that her son had won a "lottery" to attend one of Moskowitz's academies. Very quickly it became clear to Ms.Sprowal that this high performing academy was either unable to or unwilling to educate her son, who presented the everyday kind of challenges real public schools and the educators in them handle daily. Ms. Sprowal's son went from poster boy for advertising purposes to being counseled out by academy officials and referred to a public school that was willing to meet his needs. Is preventing access of challenging students to the success miracle still the practice at Success Academy schools, and if so-can we truly say that this promotes school "choice"? Should this be called "high performing"? 

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