Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Letter to B.O.

Bill O'Reilly took the time to let a guest and viewers know that he has taken measures to protect himself and his home, that he doesn't want a fight that he plans to kill hypothetical intruders...his rants and his puffing up like a tom-turkey interest me. He does it quite a bit, and I think his age is starting to hit him, because he seems to do it much more these days. His suggestion that every school should have armed security prompted me to write this note to him.


On gun ownership: You have gone from letting guests and viewers know what a tough guy you are to letting us all know how deadly you are. I appreciate your point (if someone enters your home uninvited, and you DON'T have a gun, how can you kill them?), but the logistics of securing schools is much more complicated and would have FOX whining even more about the costs of education. We need a brave, new, societal approach, not a cower in our shells with our weapons approach.

Dan McConnell

If the student hasn't learned, the teacher hasn't taught.

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