Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Latest from NYSED's King

Just got this from NYSED and Mr. King, and copy pasted. If you are as interested in the almost 2,000 teachers who gathered dutifully in Albany to comply with the King's agenda as you were in the approximately 20,000 who gathered to express concern with the King's may want to know more.

 " increased presence by EngageNY..."; "...turnkey kits..." ; "...teams of educators from across the state..." are phrases that stand out to me, and cause me to wonder about many things. 

I actually am busy doing school prep work in between my adventures out into the heat wave today, so I didn't get live links on the highlighted stuff...I don't think so anyways, I'm not quite that good tech-wise. But I will work more on it later and send them to you if you request. Haven't had a close look yet. Enjoy!


I hope you're having a great summer. Last week, over 1,700 educators gathered in Albany for the July Network Team Institute (NTI). NTI was launched two years ago to facilitate the shifts in instruction necessary to fully implement the Common Core. Teams of educators from across the state attended NTI and will now return to their home schools and districts to provide their colleagues with professional development.

This Network Team Institute introduced some exciting new features to help educators engage with each other in more meaningful ways, both during NTI and throughout the year. Among these were a new blog, an increased presence on Twitter, and professional development turnkey kits. Please explore the links below to check out the professional development kits, watch the video of my speech, read our blog, and join the conversation on Twitter @EngageNY.
On Mandela, Colonel King, and the Distance Between our Values and our Reality

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