Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weiner, Sanford...etc

This is a rough-and-ready quick response to an article questioning whether Anthony Weiner is still qualified for holding public office. I think allowing moral disconnect (while still trying to claim the label of being a "Christian nation") leads to a lot of confusion and lapses in judgement and responsibility in our leadership. It sets a bad example, and sends bad signals to our youth-boys and girls alike. We should expect more, and if we don't start getting it, then something needs to be done. I couldn't get this response to post on that article, so I post it here. 

Not just for Mr. Weiner, and Mr. Sanford, but for all half-wit scumbags setting a bad example and making the job of raising kids who want to be real leaders more difficult. Here's what I think:

"Qualified/disqualified" is a different question than "worthy" and/or "appropriate". Is our pool of men in this country that freakin' shallow? Do we not expect more from our boys? Is the signal we should send them "all of you need to work and struggle and scratch for a 'get you by' job and living, while being morally stand-up husbands and fathers, as well as responsible participators in the workforce" the same time celebrating that our supposed leaders can engage in pervy, cheating, salacious behaviors and just come on back with either their dedicated wives/Argentinean mistress or something in between? 


GO AWAY, QUIETLY...THIS is one reason why students are not achieving, our society sends a 'nothing is off limits' signal about personal, social, family obligations. This clown, Sanford, Spitzer...

Even saying their names sets the bar so low.

 Sad. Just sad.

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